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PCF-HD18 Iris Ohyama Japan Circulator Fan
  • $59.90
  • $79.00

​​​​​​Iris Ohyama Logo  Japan Brand Since 1958


Designed in Japan


Circulator Fan Key Features

  • 17.8 cm Vortex Blade
  • Strong air flow up to 8m
  • Front 3 Speed Control Switch with OFF function
  • Left & Right Oscillation
  • Vortex action circulates and maintain constant airflow
  • Saves Energy by regulating room temperature when used with aircon

Technical Specs

  • Rated voltage 220-240V
  • Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
  • Rated power 34W
  • Weight 2.3kg
  • Power cord length 1.8m

With Strong Vortex action, circulates the air in each and every corner of the room quickly.
Maximizes the performance of you air conditioner.

Saves energy by regulating the room temperature when the circulator is faced appropriately together with an airconditioner

Place the circulator fan's back toward's the air conditioner as below so that the cool air
can be circulated from the bottom throughout the room to keep a constant temperature.

Summer time cooling_HD15

Placing the Fan_HD15


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